Evangelism & Disciple-Making

Helpful Resources


Anyone But Me – Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is one of my (Jared) favorite evangelists. He’s bold, compassionate, and biblical. Not only that, he’s committed to equipping other Christians to share the Gospel in the same way. This book is practical, challenging, and filled with great stories and ideas for how to engage lost people around you with the Gospel. 

Questioning Evangelism – Randy Newman

The main premise of this book is that asking good questions is critical in evangelism. The first half of this book is particularly help because it provides plenty of examples of the types of questions you can ask to have effective gospel conversations. 

What Jesus Started – Steve Addison

What Jesus Started is an excellent book that takes a practical look at how Jesus & Paul modelled evangelism and discipleship. Then, the book turns towards modern day examples of real people all over the world who are following this example, continuing what Jesus started.

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God – J.I. Packer

This book explores the relationship between God’s sovereignty and the church’s activity in bringing sinners to salvation in evangelism. It’s an important book because it helps bring clarity to how God sovereignly works through the weakness of our witness to Jesus to miraculously regenerate sinners.

Evangelism In A Skeptical World: How To Make The Unbelievable News About Jesus More Believable – Sam Chan

Technically this is a textbook about evangelism, but unlike many textbooks, this one isn’t boring. It’s thorough, up to date, and you will come away being better equipped to be an effective evangelist than you were before you read it.