Church Planting

Helpful Resources


Church Planting Thresholds – Clint Clifton

This is easily the most practical, hands on guide to church planting out there. If you desire to plant a church, or if you are a pastor who wants to raise up and send out church planters, this book will walk you through the process of how to do so from a thoroughly biblical perspective. We cannot recommend Church Planting Thresholds more highly! 

Center Church – Tim Keller

This book had a big impact on me (Jared) when it first came out. Keller shares from 20 years of ministry experience in New York City how to form churches that are Gospel-centered, city-centered, and movement-centered.

Planting Missional Churches – Ed Stetzer

This is a must have in the library of any church planter and one of the more thorough treatments you will find on church planting. This book is filled with practical help and covers everything from the various models of church planting, the phases of a church plant, how to build a core team, and even the ins and outs of kids ministry in a church plant.

Apostolic Church Planting: Birthing New Churches From New Believers – J.D. Payne

In this book, J.D. Payne makes the case that church planting should flow naturally out of making disciples. Church planting is the natural overflow of God’s people living on mission. Payne goes on to explain from a biblical perspective the process and steps for church planting that resemble what we see in the book of Acts.

The Honest Guide To Church Planting – Tom Bennardo

This is a straightforward, honest look at what church planting really is like. Many people are intrigued by the thought of planting a church today, but not many have counted the cost. Bennardo’s book helps you do that, and it offers a lot of great wisdom and encouragement along the way for church planters and for those praying about planting a church.