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How Do You Know If You Are Called To Plant A Church?

How Do You Know If You Are Called To Plant A Church?

While “calling” is a much talked about topic in the church planting world, many people continue to jump into church planting without the essential elements of a strong call. In this episode Matt & Jared talk about those essential elements.

[Brian O’Day] Part 2 – Deployments, PTSD, and Multiplying The Gospel

Veterans Day [Brian O’Day Interview] Part 1

This week, Jared & Matt interviewed Brian O’Day, the Executive Director of the Praetorian Project. The Praetorian Project is an effort to multiply the gospel through the establishment of new churches in military communities around the world.

Planting Churches In Hard Places

Planting Churches In Hard Places

Matt & Jared discuss everything from the differences between planting in low income areas and suburban areas, the challenge of racial tension in urban areas, and the tension whether we should “plant a church where you would love to live” or whether we should follow Jesus to uncomfortable places we may not love living in.


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