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Many churches want to help support church planting and missions domestically and internationally but have trouble finding good work to support as well as knowing how to be helpful. Every church wants to know that the investment they are making into the missionaries they support is a good investment! 

In this episode, Jared and Logan discuss how to identify worthy church planters and missionaries to support. Then they discuss ways in which partner churches can both help and hinder the work of church planters and missionaries. Not all “help” is good help! Jared and Logan share from their experience as church planters both domestically and internationally working with partner churches.

Learn more about The Praetorian Project by clicking the link or email Jared at jared@pillarchurchsbc.com. To learn more about The Iceland Project, click the link or email Logan at logan@redeemercityreykjavik.com

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Head to http://www.theicelandproject.org/ to learn more about the church planting work happening in Iceland.