Episode Synopsis

Church planting is a team effort, but it can be a challenge to find and recruit the right people to go all in and be on your core team. This week Matt and Jared talk about the pitfalls and challenges of putting together and developing a church planting core team.

Episode Quotes

“You need to have a bold vision and do bold things if you want bold people to be drawn towards joining your core team”

“You need to be able to articulate a big, compelling vision when you are in the core team formation phase”

“In the early stages, you’ll feel desperate to add people to your team. Be careful who you give influence to in the beginning. Once you give someone some authority, it’s difficult to pull it back”

Pray this prayer every day as you develop your team: “God, bring the right people to our team and keep the wrong people away”

God didn’t stop caring about corporate purity once Jesus came. If you’ve got “sin in the camp”, it can really hold back what God wants to do through your team!

When inviting someone to join your team, try to talk them out of church planting. If they still want to do it, there’s a good chance they are called.

“You have to be confident in who you are in Christ, but more importantly, you need to be confident in Christ. He’s going to build His church and He doesn’t need you to do it” – Matt Hess

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