June 18, 2018
Jared Huntley & Matt Hess

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A big, God-sized vision and a clear, compelling mission statement can help get everyone in your church on the same page and get more people involved. Matt & Jared discuss what a great vision and mission statement looks like and how to craft them!

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Quotes from this week’s episode:

At some point in the midst of the grind of church planting, you are going to look up and ask “Why am I doing this?”, and you need to have a strong vision to answer that question so you will persevere – Jared

As leaders it is our job to keep the vision in front of people – Matt

Vision looks forward to the future and mission communicates the reason your church exists and what you are doing as a church right now – Matt

One of the most common problems with church missions statements is they make sense to insiders but unchurched people would never understand the language – Jared

If you want to figure out whether the people in your church on are on the same page, just go ask a few of them what the vision of the church is and listen to their responses- Matt

If you want the people in your church to grasp the vision, you need to say it out loud often – Jared

Your mission statement isn’t the time to express your church’s doctrine – Matt

If at all possible, craft your vision and mission statement with your core team, not on your own – Matt