June 11, 2018
Jared Huntley & Matt Hess

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This week, Peyton Jones, author of Church Zero and Reaching the Unreached, joins the show to talk about apostolic church planting and dependency on the Holy Spirit in missions and church planting.
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Quotes from this week’s episode:

“There are people who are sent to place, and there are people who are sent to people groups” – Peyton Jones

“There are apostolic types who send and there are apostolic types who go” – Peyton Jones

“Apostolic leaders identify the gifts in others and prophetic leaders stir them up” – Peyton Jones

“The apostolic church planter doesn’t want the limelight. He wants to decrease so Jesus can increase” – Peyton Jones

What do you do when someone your trying to share the Gospel with wants to fight you? The answer might surprise you… Listen to our interview with Peyton Jones to find out!

“A Church that is devoid of the spirit’s power is a church that has lots its grip on one of the most powerful evangelistic tools at its disposal” – Peyton Jones

“When you read Acts 1 & 2, if there’s anything Luke was bending over backwards to tell us, it’s that these guys couldn’t have done smack if they didn’t have the Spirit’s power” – Peyton Jones

“When the Spirit finds somebody completely surrendered in prayer to his purposes to lift up the name of Jesus, and is ready to be poured out for others, they are ready to be filled with God.” – Peyton Jones

“Holiness is not an optional extra if you want to see people around you get saved” – Peyton Jones