May 28, 2018
Jared Huntley & Matt Hess

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In this episode, Matt & Jared talk about the danger of placing your identity in your success as a church planter or minister.

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Quotes from this week’s episode:

‘Church planting is what you do, not who you are’ – Jared

“In church planting, success looks like faithfulness” – Matt

“There’s a difference in desiring to make a big impact for the kingdom and wrapping up our identity in the impact we make for the kingdom” – Jared

When a planter doesn’t have relationships with others who will hold them accountable, the discouragement of church planting can be overwhelming – Matt

“Beware of spending your whole week preaching the Gospel to others while failing to apply it to yourself” – Jared

“The growth or lack of growth in your ministry has nothing to do with whether God loves you” – Jared

God hasn’t called you to save your city. He’s called you to faithfulness – Jared

A great measure of whether you are placing your identity in ministry is how you feel on Sunday afternoons – Matt

Do you find pleasure in standing up and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus whether the gym is packed or whether its filled with  empty seats? – Matt

Every church will eventually die. There is a start date and a death date for every single church. So if your identity is in how successful your church is, it is fools gold. – Matt

When hard times come, if you are not fixed and focused on the goodness of Jesus Christ, then you are in big trouble as a church planter – Matt

“God is good when the place is packed out on Sundays and He is good when the room is filled with empty chairs” – Matt