May 21, 2018
Jared Huntley & Matt Hess

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Every planter and pastor knows discipleship is important, but how do you get your people to actually do it? Matt and Jared interview Seba Vasquez, IMB missionary and discipleship strategist for the Fellowships Network to talk about how to implement a clear and simple discipleship pathway in your church and then tackle some of the common questions and frustrations planters face when it comes to discipleship.

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Quotes from this week’s episode:

You’ve got to stop spending so much time chasing goats. You need to invest your time investing in the sheep who want to grow rather than spending your time trying to convince disobedient people to be obedient – Jared

People are already making disciples even if it’s unintentionally. Any christian with influence is pointing to others this is how you follow Jesus… Your already being an influence for Jesus in the world anyways, so let’s do it intentionally. – Seba

There’s a lot more disciple-makers in your church than you realize, you’ve just got to put them on the right track and equip them – Seba

Some people are just waiting for permission to be a disciple-maker – Seba

One of the greatest things church planters can develop is thick skin. – Matt

You have to believe in something enough to lose people for. You’re going to lose people for the moves you make and the moves you don’t make, so you might as well lose people for the moves you make – Seba

Discipleship isn’t a program we do in church. This is why we start churches! – Matt

You can’t blame the process of discipleship for some people falling away. The parable of the soils tells us not all will make it. – Seba

It’s not primarily through your preaching that disciples are made – Seba

We pastors have a bad tendency to lean on our preaching to get out of having the difficult face to face conversations we need to have with our disciples – Jared