April 30, 2018
Jared Huntley & Matt Hess
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Every church plant needs good partner churches to survive the early years! But what does a good partnership between a sending church or partner church and a church plant look like? In this episode, Matt & Jared discuss how to do support letters, how to plan good mission trips, how missions teams can serve church plants well, how a supporting church can encourage church planters, and a lot more!

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Excerpts: “From the beginning, make sure you communicate clear expectations. What does it look like when someone comes on a mission trip? It could be as simple as giving clear instructions for how they are supposed to cross the border or how to get to where they need to be.” – Matt

“I don’t think you should assume that you know what each other means by partnership… it can mean different things to different people. – Jared

“I would say that not just praying for the church plant, but praying for the planter and his family is so important. But let the planter know you are praying for him. I know that has been so encouraging for me in the past when a partner shares with me they are praying for me, for my family, for our health.” – Jared

“Flexibility is what makes a great missions team. If a team comes in with a preconceived notion of what things are supposed to look like, there will be disappointment and it makes for a really long week” – Matt

“We always say a great partnership includes three elements: Pray, give, and go.” – Jared “Telling stories & using images in your support letters will capture the attention of your readers.” – Jared “Stories mark your journey. When you share that with your partners, they’ll feel ownership. That’s what we are trying to do, is transfer ownership, because they are our partners. When we succeed, they succeed.” – Matt

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