April 23, 2018
Jared Huntley & Matt Hess
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Evangelism isn’t one facet of your church planting strategy. Church planting IS evangelism. In this episode Matt & Jared tell stories, talk evangelism strategy, and give some practical steps and tools you can use to begin reaching people far from God in your community.
Visit www.noplaceleft.net for some of the tools we talked about in this episode. If you are interested in receiving evangelism and discipleship training at your church, contact Jared at jared@fellowshiposhawa.com
For more info about In The Trenches, visit www.getinthetrenches.com. If you’re interested in Peyton Jones’ book that we mentioned, you can buy it here:
“You’ve got to grow thick skin. Jesus was rejected. The Bible said the world is going to hate you. – Matt Hess
“If your not experiencing rejection and persecution, something is wrong. Jesus promised us that we will be hated because we are his disciples. Paul said “all who are godly in christ jesus will experience persecution… whenever you are on the front lines you will experience opposition. I tell people all the time I can promise you three things when you go out in the harvest. Number one, you are going to get rejected. Number 2, its not going to hurt that bad. And number 3, you’ll have at least one conversation that will make everything worth it” – Jared
“Obedience to the Great Commission is not about your personality. We don’t see that in Scripture. We see people practicing obedience. We have to do it, and we have to do it because God tells us to” – Matt