April 15, 2018
Jared Huntley & Matt Hess
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Loneliness is an epidemic, not just in church planting but in ministry in general. In this episode, Matt & Jared talk about the causes of loneliness, the results of loneliness, what you can do to combat it, and the benefits of being in a network. For more, go to www.getinthetrenches.com. In The Trenches is currently on Itunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss an episode! For more information about the Fellowships Network, email Matt Hess at mhess@fellowshippickering.ca OR Jared at jared@fellowshiposhawa.com
Episode Excerpt:
Matt: “We’re trying to alleviate some of that isolation and loneliness. That’s the whole vision behind a church planting network, to have a brotherhood, to have relationships, to where even if you don’t have an enormous core team you still feel connected and you still feel like you are apart of something.”
Jared: “I know something that kind of hit me early on is I think at the beginning of your planting cycle there’s excitement and expectations, and my dad has always told me that all disappointment is the result of unfulfilled expectations, and I’ve found that to be true not just in church planting but every area in my life. But I think it’s important for planters to remember that because things are not going to turn out like you think they are going to… Church planting is probably the most humbling profession in the world”